What is Christianity?

Sometimes it's confusing to know what Christianity really is. Many people will say they are a Christian simply because they are born in a so-called "Christian country" (e.g. the UK). However, true Christianity has nothing to do with your birth place and has everything to do with your heart, mind and soul.

A Christian is simply a person who is following Jesus and getting to know God personally. Anyone can become a Christian at any time – you may feel you are nearly at the point of making that decision or you may need to take more time and investigate who Jesus is.  It's not a decision to be taken lightly. Just to be clear - being a Christian is wonderful but it doesn't guarantee that suddenly everything in life will be easy.

The Key Points

  • God made us. He loves us and wants relationship with us (that's great news!).
  • BUT we have all sinned (done or thought bad things) and fallen short of God's perfect standard. That sin has broken our relationship with God.
  • There's nothing we can do (no matter how hard we try to be good, no matter how nice we are, no matter how many kind deeds we do) to make ourselves perfect and get ourselves clean before God.
  • God doesn't want to leave us far from him. He sent his son Jesus to the earth to show the way, to live a perfect life and to pay the price for our sins. Although He was innocent He was punished and died on a cross. He was the perfect sacrifice that you and I can go free. When Jesus died He carried the weight of the sins of the world. He was separated from his Father that you and I don't need to be.
  • The Bible is clear that we need to choose to follow Jesus. It starts with a decision and then is lived out every day in relationship with God. When we die we will be eternally with Christ.

It's a lot to take in and you may well want to explore and talk the above through with someone. You can go on a course to find out more or you can have someone meet up to discuss it further. If you think you are ready then you can become a Christian right now, then please see Becoming a Christian.

Becoming a Christian

If you want to find out even more about Christianity then please visit our partner site, www.christianity.org.uk